Dr. Alberto
González Bravo

> Physician with specialty in general surgery

> Sub-specialty in Urology

> High specialty in Cancer

Dr. Gonzalez is a urologist surgeon with over ten years of experience in surgical practice.

His training includes the performance of numerous types of surgery, such as:

- Penis, scrotum, and testicle surgery (circumcision, phimosis, prostate enlargement, genital warts, etc.)

- Laser surgery with minimum invasion

- Cancer treatment of urinary tract

Co-author of the urinary tract infection chapter of the book for urologists "Vanguard Urology" (Sanchez Lopez, 2018) and a long trajectory of constant education and training as a urologist.

Dr. Gonzalez works with a highly trained medical team to resolve multiple pathologies with minimal complications and in the shortest time possible.

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